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Published: 18th February 2011
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Beauty salon equipment is intended to make you look and feel better. If you run a beauty salon, you certainly want your clients to leave with the feeling that they just received the best beauty treatments for their dollar. This leads to repeat business and referrals. Let us take a look at one of the most integral pieces of beauty salon equipment, the tanning system.

Smart Solarium Tanning Systems are exceptional devices with state of the art tanning technology. Crystal Medical is a company specializing in all types of devices to help beautify and heal nearly every aspect of the human body. The tanning systems that they offer are only the best. Though tanning systems are a more costly item to add to a beauty salon, it is not a product that you want to cut corners on. With Crystal Medical's exceptional payment plans and rental programs, it is possible to procure advanced Smart Solarium Tanning Systems sooner than you might believe. You can begin reaping the profits immediately.

The price ranges for these tanning systems range from 10,999 to 31,595 for purchase. Rental ranges are from 66.00 to 192.00 on a per week arrangement.

The Gold Juice 848 Low pressure tanning booth is perhaps the most affordable model. This model is attractive and has many features. It is powered by 48 160w lamps that are 176cm in length. The total power output is 8.1kw at a frequency of 50Hz. The maximum hot air flow is 9.600mc/h. Ventilation regulation, hour counter, session counter, money and token counter, FM radio, internal light, net and acrylic lamps protection, Inbox steel footplate, and illuminated footboard are all standard. The width is 1100mm with a depth of 100mm and a height of 2420mm, all weighing 394 kg.

The more elite model of Smart Solarium Tanning Systems is the Viper Tube 180, one of the best performing systems on the market. It is an attractive model that defines your business as up-scale and sophisticated. Features include 3 anti-panic columns, 8 special UV tubes, and deep tanning at a mere 3.6kw. It also includes an RDS radio, 18 reflectors, and comfort options such as air conditioning, Bluetooth interface, Shiatsu massage, aromatherapy diffuser, and a graphic display. The total weight is 300kg with a width, depth, and height of 2340mm, 1550mm, and 2050mm respectively. is the website for Crystal Medical. Look at the other models they have available and find an option to help your business thrive and make your customers feel the luxury they come to you for.

Stephen Soos

Crystal Medical Ltd

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