Sigma Pure T1 Luxury Dental Chair

Published: 16th March 2011
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Nowadays, it is very easy to offer high quality dental caring and teeth whitening services to your clients at your beauty salon. With the help of easy user interface of high quality Sigma Pure T1 luxury dental chair, you can offer highly effective and comfortable dental care services. The dental chair is important medical equipment without which, it is not possible to offer proper dental care and whitening treatments.

This unique dental chair is highly stylish and is able to impress and attract your clients irrespective of how shy or reluctant they feel about going through a dental care session. The visual impact of this dental chair will make them feel easy and the specific design will offer high comfort level during the treatment sessions. Sigma Pure T1 luxury Dental Chair is available with five year warranty period. You can easily attain this high quality dental chair from Crystal Medical, the largest online source for medical equipments. The price for Sigma Pure T1 luxury dental chair includes fitting charges.

Specific Features of Sigma Pure T1 Luxury Dental Chair

This chair is specifically designed to attain maximum serviceability so you can offer convenient treatment for your clients without any complications. The user interface of this chair is pretty easy so you can use it efficiently at your beauty salon to make money by offering high quality dental care services. With the synchronized back and toe board, it is easier for you to make right positioning of your client during the treatment. This chair is highly comfortable and its design is luxuriously beautiful, yet it is sturdy and durable.

Sigma Pure T1 Luxury Dental Chair is available with

1 set of imported electromagnetism valve
1 set of rotatable tempered glass spittoon
1 set of auto spittoon flush and cup filter control system
1 set of motor dental chair with 3 adjustable positions
1 set of 24 V noiseless Danish DC motor chair
1 set of Foldaway patient chair synchronized movement of seat and backrest

At Crystal Medical, this highly attractive luxurious dental chair is available at reasonable price 3 to 4 times cheaper than other online or market places. In addition, you can also make use of EasyRent offer by Crystal Medical to attain Sigma Pure T1 Luxury Dental Chair at low up-front cost with flexible repayment structure, fixed payments and proper tax advantages. Check out the webpage to know more about EasyRent offer for Sigma Pure T1 luxury dental chair.

Stephen Soos
Crystal Medical Ltd

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