Sigma Odin IPL & RF Elight Powerhouse

Published: 16th March 2011
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Sigma Odin IPL & RF Elight Powerhouse is one of the best IPL products available in the market that can improve the quality of hair removal and skin care treatments at any beauty salon. The attractive new model of this E-light machine is easier to handle and its specific bipolar radio frequency wave system along with wind, water and semiconductor based cooling system makes sure that your client enjoy an almost painless hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatment .

The RF energy range of this IPL product is 1 to 30 Joules per centimetre square, while the IPL energy range is 1 to 50 joules per centimetre square. This facility of Sigma Odin IPL & RF Elight powerhouse offers enough adjustment to treat any type of skin without causing any serious burning sensation to the client.

Salient features of Sigma Odin IPL & RF Elight Powerhouse are

3 hand pieces for maximum Fitzpatrick coverage
Quality build, robust and durable
Big LED touch screen with pellucid and clear interface
Intuitive easy menu system
Stable functionality, long work time with short intervals

The standard Sapphire spot size of Sigma Odin IPL and RF Elight powerhouse is 12*30mm with 3 filters of dimensions 420nm, 520nm, and 620nm. Allowed pulse width is 0.1 to 9.9 ms and pulse interval is 1 to 40 ms, with 100,000 possible lamp shots, this E-Light machine is long-lasting. The machine uses 2000W IPL power and works at a voltage of AC 110V/220V, 60Hz/50Hz.

With these specific technical characteristics, it is possible to adjust Sigma Odin IPL & RF Elight powerhouse as per the requirement of your client's skin type to remove unwanted hairs, freckles, acne and wrinkles.

This E-Light machine uses bipolar radio frequency waves and IPL in combination to damage the follicles under the skin. As RF waves of lower energy levels, can enter deep skin cells, it is possible to remove all follicles from the skin part of your client without raising temperature too high to cause them excessive burning sensation during the treatment sessions. Sigma Odin IPL & RF Elight Powerhouse can be used to offer photo-facial services for your clients at beauty salon so that you may remove all freckles, acne, skin pigmentation and wrinkles from your client's skin while your client will attain proper growth of skin cells to look much younger than his or her age.

Sigma Odin IPL & RF Elight Powerhouse is available at Crystal Medicine which is the largest online medical equipment and service provider. Please check the web-page to know more about this IPL product along with the available rental deals.

Stephen Soos
Crystal Medical Ltd

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