Non-Invasive Lipo Is A Boon For Small Business

Published: 03rd March 2011
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At the forefront of body-contouring business is a procedure called non-invasive laser lipo. We have all heard of liposuction or Lipo. We have various ideas of what this exactly means. The primary image to come to mind is that of scraping and suctioning fat from beneath the flesh involving surgical procedure. This is not a pleasant image, though many may be ready to try it out of sheer desperation to lose the stubborn pounds that will not go away despite much exercise and dietary effort.

The good news is that cold laser lipo is an effective treatment that does not involve the physical trauma that liposuction surgery does. Naturally, if surgery is the best answer in certain cases, medical advice should not be ignored. Yet for the majority of us who simply seek to trim certain areas of our bodies in a less invasive method, there is good news. Cold laser lipo is not actually liposuction. No incisions are made in the skin and the procedure is performed by a simple machine without pain or the inconvenience of extensive recovery.

It is true that excess flab can be eradicated with a few visits to the beauty salon. It is also a comfortable process that does not create additional stresses in your life. Lipo comes in many forms and what I want to clarify is that one of these methods is non-invasive cold laser lipo. An example of such a device is the LumiSlim Pro Laser Lipo system. The procedure is executed by a device that uses special pads that are secured to the treatment area. These pads contain diodes which deliver specific cold laser frequencies into the fatty tissue. Subsequently, stored fat is expressed from the cells and it is simply metabolized by the body as energy or eliminated by the lymphatic system, which is like a waste-dump system for the body. To augment the treatment, exercise after the session helps.

Nothing will have to be suctioned out and anesthesia is unnecessary. You simply wait for 20 to 40 minutes while the device does the work.

What exactly are these devices that perform such astonishingly simple treatments? They are known simply as cold-laser lipo machines. There are four primary brands advertising on the market. Each of them uses the same principle of cold-laser frequency delivered into the adipose tissue to liberate stored fat. The laser frequency is specific in order for the device to be effective. Any brand can be purchased and achieve the same or similar results.

This is quite a boon for small businesses such as beauty salons. Beauty salons can now offer affordable Lipo to their clientele and reap a considerable profit doing so. However, while shopping around for these machines, one could become confused, particularly by the prices.

As I stated before, all of these cold laser lipo systems use the same technology for fat-reduction. There is the Strawberry Lipo, a popular and effective piece of equipment retailing at 20,000. Also, the Zerona system is said to be a body-contouring program and it retails at $79,000. I-Lipo has gained popularity as well; being a similar device as the others it has demonstrated a significant success rate. I-Lipo retails at 10,000 to 12,000. Then we have the LumiSlim Pro Laser Lipo system produced and distributed by Crystal Medical. LumiSlim Lipo retails at a mere 3,999.

It is obvious which model will cost the least and still deliver excellent quality. The LumiSlim Laser Lipo approach is backed by and unconditional 5 year warranty and is built to medical-grade standards unlike the other models which are constructed according to mass commercial standards. Crystal Medical offers the most flexible payment plans for the LumiSlim so that any salon owner can begin to include the system on their menu right away. Full training is offered with the purchase or the rental of the LumiSlim Pro Laser Lipo. The savvy entrepreneur cannot go wrong. For more information, please consult Crystal Medical's helpful website at:

Stephen Soos

Crystal Medical Ltd

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