LumiSlim Or I-lipo? The Facts

Published: 23rd February 2011
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Sitting immobile and lazy, the fat stored in the adipose tissue in our bodies take the once youthful shapeliness of our bodies and give it odd bulges, folds, and undesirable extensions of once flat areas. We diet and exercise and try our best to follow all the expert advice that we can, but sometimes problem areas of excess body-fat will stubbornly remain. For the consumer wanting laser liposuction to shed these imperfections quickly and painlessly, there is good news. For the entrepreneur, there is lucrative gain while helping others.

Cold Laser Liposuction Systems are what these novel devices are called. They are taking the world by storm because they offer effective, pain-free, rapid treatments that shed inches in single sessions that take no longer than a lunch break. It sounds like a straight-up snake oil lie, but these machines do, in fact, work.

The laser light from the lipo machine is fractionated and focused to induce a process called lipolysis within the adipose, or fat, cells of the tissue being treated. Lipolysis simply means "breaking down fat." Any excess fats freed by the procedure are absorbed by the body naturally and eliminated with no harm to the organs or tissues whatsoever.

Let us take a look at two of these machines and educate our curiosity:

First, there is the LumiSlim Pro Laser Lipo system. This takes liposuction to a whole new level by removing the brutal and injurious "suction" portion of the process. Levels of laser energy that are low enough to keep surrounding tissues intact actually stimulate fat cells to lose their integrity and shape. The result is the release of the stored fats, or triglycerides as they are known. These triglycerides are then metabolized by the body for energy and they are no longer deposited under the skin. The cumulative result of this brief procedure is a total loss of sub-cutaneous body-fat. Several sessions may be needed to obtain optimal results.

The LumiSlim retails for 3,999. The price is so low because, due to quality and quantity being sold, the LumiSlim Pro Laser Lipo system is simply positioned at a reasonable price. It is not "cheap" in any derogatory sense.

The next system that we will look at is the I-lipo Laser Lipo system. The body is continuously storing excess consumed calories as fat in our adipose tissue. This is the tissue designed to store fat beneath the skin and around the organs of the body. Exercise is one way to release stored fat from these cells and allow our bodies to use them for energy. An exercise routine should be maintained. I-lipo system utilizes cold laser technology to induce the adipose tissue to release stored fats in a fashion similar to that of exercise.

The general claim with I-lipo is that the typical client can reasonably expect to achieve a reduction in physical diameter that will reduce the shape of the body by one or two dress sizes.

I-lipo retails at 20,000. Let me remind you that all of these machines do the same thing. No matter what system you choose, it will serve the purpose for which you invested in it.

Consider this, however; invest the least overhead so that you can pay off the principle more rapidly. The treatment charges that you impose on the new Lipo device will more rapidly compensate for the original cost if that original cost is lower. The LumiSlim system is high medical grade equipment and offers flexible payment plans and training to get you started right away. Start earning revenue now and see the changes in your client's satisfaction and the positive growth of your financial profits.

Stephen Soos

Crystal Medical Ltd

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