LumiSlim Cold-Laser Lipo In The Salon

Published: 25th February 2011
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There is a competitive market for laser lipo today. Non-invasive lipo, or cold-laser lipo is a unique fat-reduction method that overturns the traditional understanding of liposuction. Images of a fat surgical vacuum device being shoved and scraped in the fatty tissues of an anesthetized patient abound the mind. This is not my fault, it is just that those especially candid medical shows tend to deliver graphic images creating indelible associations with certain concepts. I only invoke the horrid image to clarify that cold-laser lipo treatments are different.

Laser liposuction is one method and non-invasive cold-laser lipo is another. Laser liposuction still involves local anesthesia and small incisions to position a laser to destroy adipose tissue. It is much less invasive than traditional liposuction procedures; that is certain. It is still, however, an invasive technique. Cold-laser lipo offers an approach that does not involve incisions, anesthetics, and healing of wounds. Instead it offers an astonishingly effective alternative to these other methods. For those of us seeking to improve our body shape and we have only minor bulges and unwanted plump spots, we can greatly benefit from non-invasive laser lipo.

So now we go to the salon to shed some inches off of our bodies. It is exciting to think that we might actually feel lighter and younger. Will it work? Will it be odd and uncomfortable? As we are taken to the area of the salon housing the three Lumislim Pro Laser- Lipo systems, we don't know what to expect. We are comfortably seated. This salon has a comfortable atmosphere with mutually pleasing music. There are privacy curtains so that you may feel secure.

Technicians prepare the area of your body for the lipo procedure. Four pads are secured by elastic straps to the treatment area. These pads contain the diodes for the cold lasers that will be emitted into your fatty tissues. Two more probes are placed in a location where there are lymph nodes that will facilitate the elimination of the free fatty acids that will result from the treatment.

Now we wait while the treatment comfortably takes place. The Lumislim is an excellent system and the results will be noticed. Cold-laser lipo does work, it just doesn't hurt. So the effects will not be felt, as such.

What is happening during this treatment process is quite interesting. There are cells beneath our skin called adipose cells and their job is to store fat. That is all they do, and I think we are all familiar with what that looks like on the outside. On the inside, however, these cells are holding on to the fats that we have had trouble getting rid of. What the cold-laser lipo from the Lumislim system does is weaken the integrity of those adipose cell membranes. The resultant effect is the release of these fatty acids into the interstitial fluid that is the fluid between the cells. The lymphatic system, which is like a circulatory fluid pump for your body, then carries these fatty acids away to be metabolized and eliminated from the body naturally.

At the end of our salon session, we discover that inches have been lost and this does work! We feel so good and our excitement was warranted after all. This is the kind of experience that anyone can have. Imagine your salon customers taking that kind of satisfaction home with them.

This is exactly why this incredible procedure is called non-invasive lipo. Lumislim lipo is one of the machines offered for this procedure and it retails at 3,999. The company that sells it is one of high standards, Crystal Medical. You will find more information at:

Consider investing in this system to help pull your beauty salon business from the stronghold of the recession.

Stephen Soos

Crystal Medical Ltd

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